• "SQUARE-DECK 2017"


We are proud to launch the most competitive timber deck system on the market. It can be fixed in a click and without any training. Developed for the DIY enthusiasts, Square deck fixes easily on to existing surfaces to create beautiful decking for a fraction of the cost.


We have created a new Luxury Brand that reflects our country’s tropical environment. Some of our pieces are now showcased at Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan while others

18 January, 2019

“Let’s show them what we can do” was what drove us to create a wedding dress entirely made of wood. As a sponsor for the Anges du Soleil Fashion Show at BigWilly’s, MAVE

20 January, 2016
boismag 2016


Having our name and work to feature on the cover page of a very highly praised magazine: check! Earlier this year, we have been rewarded by the recognised Internationa

18 January, 2016